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It’s tax season and if you’re anything like us, getting that tax return check is the one time of year we love to splurge on something fun. One way to spend that check is to use it for something that is both fun and will last for years to come— an upgrade to your factory speakers. Or if you’ve done that much and want something new, it’s time to add a subwoofer to your sound system.

Why Upgrade My Speakers or Deck?

Unless you recently purchased your car with a premium sound system, there’s a good chance your speakers are begging to be replaced. Factory speakers generally work fine enough for a few months or even up to a year, but it is likely you’ve noticed the quality deteriorate since you bought it. This is normal.

The materials used for factory speaker surrounds are typically made of paper and foam which tend to have a short life span. They are not built to withstand the power of loud music. Whereas aftermarket surrounds and cones are made with high quality rubber and dense materials that are designed to last. They are capable of tolerating very loud sounds without having to sacrifice the life of the speakers. When your system is able to divert sounds to specific kinds of speakers, like a subwoofer, you enable your sound system to maximize its power output.

There is an immediate and obvious difference in sound quality, which makes for a more enjoyable and exciting listening experience. Whether you’re blasting your favorite artist’s new single or bearing through your daughter’s favorite Disney album, it will be a serious improvement to your car ride.

An Upgrade Doesn’t Need to Break the Bank

If you’re concerned about the damage to your wallet, rest easy. There are plenty of options to upgrade that can work with your budget. Replacing factory speakers is generally the best place to start if you want to upgrade your system. If you aren’t interested in upgrading to the most premium two-way or three-way speakers, that’s not a problem. We have a wide range of options to fit your needs. If you’re looking to add a subwoofer to your existing system, we are more than ready to set you up with the best quality woofer to enhance your experience.

Can I “DIY” my Upgrade?

We all have that ‘one friend’ who replaced his own speaker system and has offered to help with replacing yours. In a word, don’t. Leave this to the professionals. We can give you a free installation quote, walk you through what to expect, what kind of changes we’ll make to your vehicle all backed by our customer service guarantee. We stand by our products and services, and want nothing more than for your complete satisfaction. Stop on by for a quote and we’ll get your system bumping in to time.

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